Monday, May 07, 2007

Day 3 - May 4th - Tokushima Dog Run

Dixie woke us all bright and early (5.30am) as she wanted to go back and check out the dog run she and Jazz had discovered last night! They chased each other around for a while and then went in for breakfast after which we all went back to bed!! At 8am breakfast was served in the eating area looking out onto the dog run. It was here that I took a pic of a statement the jist of which I really agree with - " Life with a dog all the time. Our wish." All of my life so far has been shared with dogs and it is my wish that they be with me always.

After breakfast we headed off for Shikoku to meet Shin's brother and girlfriend and their two beagles in a very lush dog run. A trip that should have taken us about 4 hours ended up taking 9!!!! due to some very bad traffic jams! Anyway we finally made it and Jazz and Dixie could meet their new friends Rocky and Bobby. Jazz met Rocky for a few days while we looked after him when he was a puppy but neither had met Bobby. Jazz wasn't too keen on either of the boys but Dixie had great fun chasing and being chased by Bobby. We then headed for Shin's home town where we got the girls settled into their temporary home before going out for dinner.

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