Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yokohama Port

Yesterday and today were a little chilly but so bright and sunny. The girls spent a lot of time in the garden and sun spots around the house as well as on an outing to Yokohama on Saturday. Jazz and Dixie were very happy to be out smelling new smells and enjoying the sun. While walking through Yamashita Koen we met a little beagle puppy out of his first walk with his new owners. He was 3months and oh so cute!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

B-Wood Dog Run

It rained all day Friday so we didn't go out all day and then Jazz had to go back to the vet yesterday so we decided to treat the girls to a new dog run which Shin found only 10km away from our place. We had a little trouble finding it at first but in the end we found a spacious wood chip dog run. There were several other dogs there when we arrived. Dixie played a bit with a schnauzer and a jack russel and Jazz decided she was going to be the boss of the dog run even putting a very rambuncious young lab in its place! As we were getting ready to leave a couple arrived with three very active beagles! They were all a lot smaller than Jazz and Dixie, rather loud but very cute!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Getting Ready For Christmas

Time has really flown this year and as today is already the 1st of Dec. I thought I better start getting Christmas stuff ready so I put up our mini wooden tree and took some pics of the girls. I didn't even bother with hats or antlers this year as Jazz and Dixie hate things on their head and its really difficult to get them to cooperate so while they were lying on the sofa I just draped some tinsle over them, turned off the flash on the camera and snapped away. Here are some of the better ones but as usual Jazz was not impressed!