Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rainy Day Fun

After seeing the weather forcast for today which predicted 100 percent chance of rain all day we were a little uncertain to go ahead and pick up the hire car. We decided we would and stay local so we took the girls to Yoyoji Park Dog Run. The big dog run was flooded so we opted for the one for small dogs between 3 and 12kgs (actually Jazz is 13kgs!! but anyway). It was pretty muddy in there but Jazz and Dixie got to run around a bit and play with a Jack Russel and another Beagle that were also braving the mud! After that we took a walk around this wonderfully green park. Before putting the girls back in the car I washed them off a bit. It was really clouding over so we thought we'd head for an indoor dog run which we couldn't find even with the help of the Navi. By now it was raining so we headed home for a bit of lunch and a nap.

In the afternoon we headed back out because it had stopped raining. This time we took Jazz and Dixie to Rinshinomori Park known as the "oasis of calm in the heart of Tokyo" , with many tall majestic trees, some of which are rarely seen in other metropolitan parks. The park started its life as an experimental nursery, established in 1900 by the Agriculture Agency but was later donated to the Tokyo Parks Department and was opened to the public in 1989. It really was beautiful to see such huge trees and very dense vegitation right here in Tokyo. We came across a few sign boards telling us about all the species of bird, insect and reptile that lived in the park as well as the usual 'dog manner' signs. Jazz and Dixie also met some of the local park stray cats which weren't at all bothered by Jazz and Dixie's presence! Then it started to pour with rain so we dashed to a nearby foot bridge and sat out the worst of it before heading back to the car. When the thunder started Dixie was even more anxious to get back while Jazz moped along at having to be out in the rain! Anyway between the down pours we managed to have a good day out and about right here in Tokyo.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beijing Olympics

Last weekend while the girls and I were out trying new restaurants, Shin was in Beijing to attend the Olympic Closing Ceremony. He said it was a great experience and snapped many photos. Coming home his flight was delayed two hours and his baggage was missing! When it was delivered two days later Jazz did the customs dog act and checked out every inch of the bag!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A New Discovery

Shin went off to Beijing today to attend a few events and the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games so its just the girls and I at home this weekend. We are having a cool spell weather wise ( 24 instead of 34!) so I thought I'd take the girls out to lunch. We intended to go to one of our favourite little cafes near the park but when we go there we found it closed. Its difficult to explain that the Jazz and Dixie who are trying to scratch the door down! So we set off for Fellows Hamburger stand only to find that closed too!! Just across from the hamburger place we noticed a big fuzzy standard poodle go into a restaurant and immediately Jazz and Dixie wanted to follow! I have never noticed that this Italian cafe/restaurant called Smile allowed dogs but sure enough when I asked at the door they welcomed us in. It was a cute little place that looks like someone's living,dining and kitchen all in one. As soon as we were seated the waitress came over with a bowl of water for the girls. I ordered one of my favourite pastas, gorgonzola penne and a coffee. I didn't see a dog menu so I got out Jazz and Dixie's snacksbut to my surprise my meal came with complimentary dog bread and cookies!! Jazz and Dixie were well impressed as was the big poodle across the way. It was indeed a lucky find and a place that I will definately take Jazz and Dixie back to - that is if they can choose between this new place and one of their old favourites, the hamburger stand.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jazz's Best Friend

A while back I posted about Dixie's best friend from Dog Inc., Ingo whom she loves to play with. Well Jazz also has a best friend at school - her name is Bella and she is a rescue dog who apparently is a Shepard and Husky mix. On her first day at school back in January Bella was given a big friendly welcome by Jazz and ever since they have been best buddies. Jazz doesn't play like this with many dogs so its great to see that she too has a best friend. She really loves to play with Bella and recently her little sister Dixie has been joining in on the fun.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


During summer in Japan there are many fireworks festivals (Hanabi taikai). 'Hanabi' literally translates to ' flower of fire'. Tonight we attended a rather large (12,000 fireworks over 1 hour!!) event on the Tama River flat with our dog group, minus the dogs of course. Dixie would have been petrified if she had heard those loud bangs! We took food and drink and enjoyed a wonderful evening watching some pretty amazing fireworks!! If you view the video here, turn down the volume first.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank You AO4!

We were so happy to receive the "Blogging Friends Forever" card from our good friend Zimmie of AO4. We have made some good friends through DWB over the two years (since Aug. 2006) we have been blogging. Recently we haven't been posting as much but still love reading our friends blogs. Thanks very much to Zim for thinking of us and for his lovely comments about our blog.
We know many of our friends already have this award. We would like to pass this award onto another beagle duo Diesel and Marvin who have kept us entertained with many a good beagle story. Thanks guys.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Keeping Cool

Its really hot and humid here at the moment and not really nice being outside in it. Thank god for the park across the road which provides us with shade and bit of respite from the heat! I am walking the girls early, coming home for their breakfast and then taking them to the local dog run all before 9am to avoid the hottest part of the day and then going out again as the sun is going down. In between the girls are lying around in airconditioned comfort but still do a spot of sunbathing in the morning sun that shines in through the balcony doors. I have also bought doggy sorbet to keep them cool. Actually they seem to be doing better in this heat than me!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Attention Seekers

Jazz and Dixie love the company of other dogs and humans alike. Whenever we go for a walk we have to greet almost every other dog we come across, children and babies and even people without dogs. At school they like to be around certain other dogs such as Ingo (pictured) and the staff whom they really love. The girls really are very friendly and always seeking attention.