Friday, December 29, 2006

Beagles It's Cold Outside!!

With all the snow on the Japan Sea side of Japan and the icy winds, the temps here in Tokyo have really dropped! Yesterday was a pleasant day but thismorning we were shivering!! Once inside Jazz brought her blanket into the living room and sat up on the sofa waiting to be covered! "If only that pesky little sister would leave me alone"

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Beagle Calendars Have Landed.

The Beagle Calendars we order each year have arrived. We usually hang one in the kitchen, one in the toilet, one in the hallway and one in the bedroom! Crazy about Beagles?? Anyway Jazz and Dixie were not as excited about them as they don't squeak and they can't eat them!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Cute Pic of the Girls

Not very good quality as it was taken on my mobile but a very cute picture none the less.
Jazz and Dixie were both sleeping in this position on Shin but when I took out the phone and moved closer they both woke up and looked straight up at the camera resulting in this photo.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Meal from Oz

When I was at home in Oz I got a few tins of My Dog from mum for my puppies. They are just wolfing down their Christmas Eve dinner now. I guess it is 'naturally delicious' after all. Dixie has just finished and is still licking the bowl and Jazz is looking for more! This years Christmas theme is "A Very Beagle Christmas"!

Dixie's first Christmas Eve

Tonight is Dixie's first Xmas Eve! I pulled the Christmas costumes I had once bought Jazz to try them on Dixie but I was met with the same reaction as Jazz had given me - "I am not going to wear this!!!" - and the proceeded to chew them.

While we were away......

While away on holiday in Australia Shin and I left Jazz and Dixie at Dog Inc's Pet Hotel. They arrived home today with great excitement! I could tell they were very well looked after and had a great time there. Probably didn't miss me as much as I missed them from the look of all these cute photos! As much fun as we all had its nice to be back together at home.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Well those cold winter mornings are on us again so out came the jackets for human and dog alike. Jazz grew out of two winter jackets a few seasons ago but for some reason I hung onto them. You can guess who is wearing the hand-me-downs now! Dixie, like Jazz doesn't care too much for clothing but it does stop them from trembling with cold on these frosty mornings!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Day two of our wonderful weekend!

Jazz, Dixie and I were up early enough this morning to watch the sun rise across Lake Hamanako and it was beautiful. (It was at this time my camera's battery died and I had to rely on my mobile phone.) After a healthy Japanese breakfast we gathered for individual and group photos. The owner of the pension took small polaroid photos for us (I have scanned it here so its not really good) and then we had a group one done. I am hoping to ask for some of those pictures and will post them later. We left and set off towards Hamamatsu to another lake which we walked along for a while before going to an Italian Restaurant with a beautiful outside terrace. After a big lunch we said our goodbyes and headed back to Tokyo. We all had a great time and thank Beat and Momo's mum for arranging such a great outing.

A Wonderful Weekend on Lake Hamanako!!

On Saturday morning we set out for Lake Hamanako to meet Jazz' brother, Beat and many other family members. We arrived around lunch time and had lunch in a glasshouse growing herbs. After that we headed on to our final destination - Perro Hamanako Hotel. Check in wasn't until three so we made use of the dogrun facing right onto the lake. Jazz and Dixie were very excited to meet all their relatives and friends. We had a good dinner with all our furry friends - a little difficult at times with Jazz!!
We finished the evening with a room party complete with all the beagles!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dixie the Artist/Writer??

I came home today to find that Dixie had been practicing her writing/drawing skills on the carpet with a permanent marker!!! Naughty little girl found the marker somewhere and proceeded to chew that and a whole host of other things!! After a walk I visited the pet shop to buy a stock of pigs' ears, chewy bones and an extra hard nylabone. I really hope she grows out of this chewing stuff quickly!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Daddy was off at his friend's wedding today so the three of us went for a walk and stopped by our closest dog cafe. There Jazz rediscovered the small squeaky ball she had played with the time before. She loved it so much she wouldn't let it go so we ended up buying it much to Jazz' delight. Once home both Jazz and Dixie tired themselves out chasing that toy!! Both are now fast asleep on the sofa - peace at last!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Autumn is Here.

Autumn is here - the days are getting shorter and colder. The leaves on the trees in the park are changing colours and covering the ground like a carpet. Jazz and Dixie like walking on them and sniffing out things that lay buried beneath them!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dog Inc Days

Yesterday at the Puppy Only event at Dog Inc. I was given some photos of Jazz and Dixie from their regular Thursday class. I scanned them and have included them here.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another Puppy Only (plus Jazz) Event at Dog Inc

It was pouring rain and miserable outside so what could be better for the girls but to take them to their favourite indoor dog run. At Dog Inc today they were having another Puppy Only Event but kindly allowed us to bring Jazz too. In the excitement and getting Jazz and Dixie organised I forgot the camera so I have included the postcards we are sent to anounce these events (can you find Jazz and Dixie?Click on image and then on enlarge icon in bottom right corner for a larger pic). There was a professional photographer there today taking some pics that we could order so I ordered several of Jazz and Dixie playing around with other puppies. They were very active and had a good time. As I write both girls are fast asleep on the sofa.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Beagle Brownies!!

Today mummy made us a special treat - Beagle Brownies!! The smell of them cooking was too much for us, then we had to wait behind glass while they cooled outside. We watched very eagerly as mummy cut the brownies into bite size pieces and when the time came to try them we could not contain ourselves!! We forgot all about sit, paw, paw and down! They were so good we licked up every last crumb and then continued to search for more!! Mummy says we have to wait until tomorrow for more. "Awh mum can't we have just one more?"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Izu Mountain Dog Run

This weekend we hired a car and Shin drove us to Izu to his friend Ken's place. After lunch we took Jazz and Dixie to a very unique dog run built on the side of a hill, aptly named Izu Mountain Dog Run. There were many paths to follow and go up, up the mountain. Jazz and Dixie just took off chasing each other up and down and all around the dog run. We worked up a sweat trying to keep an eye on them. I guess it brought out the beagle instinct in both girls as their noses were to the ground following scents and chasing other dogs. Dixie took a few tumbles from the paths and down the hill as she was quite fearless! It was hard to catch them in the end but once we had them both back on the leads and in the car we headed down to the beach. We walked along the promanade and down onto the sand. It was Dixie's first experience on the sand and she did exactly what Jazz did the first time she was on the sand, she ate it!! What a fun filled day for all.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jazz discovers new toy at Pet Love Cafe

Jazz, Dixie and I took Daddy to the Dog Cafe that we discovered a few weeks back. It is up and running now but wasn't very crowded which meant Jazz and Dixie had the run of the place. Jazz found a cute little squeaky ball that she wouldn't give up! She chased it through the tunnel unlike Dixie who would not even step one foot in it!