Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yokohama Port

Yesterday and today were a little chilly but so bright and sunny. The girls spent a lot of time in the garden and sun spots around the house as well as on an outing to Yokohama on Saturday. Jazz and Dixie were very happy to be out smelling new smells and enjoying the sun. While walking through Yamashita Koen we met a little beagle puppy out of his first walk with his new owners. He was 3months and oh so cute!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

B-Wood Dog Run

It rained all day Friday so we didn't go out all day and then Jazz had to go back to the vet yesterday so we decided to treat the girls to a new dog run which Shin found only 10km away from our place. We had a little trouble finding it at first but in the end we found a spacious wood chip dog run. There were several other dogs there when we arrived. Dixie played a bit with a schnauzer and a jack russel and Jazz decided she was going to be the boss of the dog run even putting a very rambuncious young lab in its place! As we were getting ready to leave a couple arrived with three very active beagles! They were all a lot smaller than Jazz and Dixie, rather loud but very cute!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Getting Ready For Christmas

Time has really flown this year and as today is already the 1st of Dec. I thought I better start getting Christmas stuff ready so I put up our mini wooden tree and took some pics of the girls. I didn't even bother with hats or antlers this year as Jazz and Dixie hate things on their head and its really difficult to get them to cooperate so while they were lying on the sofa I just draped some tinsle over them, turned off the flash on the camera and snapped away. Here are some of the better ones but as usual Jazz was not impressed!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Autumn Fun

Another great day sunny day so after visiting the vet we took Jazz and Dixie to Yoyogi Park Dog Run. Jazz especially was happy to be off the lead again. They both enjoyed smelling the ground through a thick carpet of leaves. After a romp around in the dog run we took a walk around the park which was very colourful.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Autumn Snapshots

I really think that autumn is the best season in Japan - we have been having some lovely warm sunny days and the leaves on the trees are very colourful. Last weekend we took the girls to our local forest park for a walk. That day there was also a petting zoo, leaf pool, outdoor painting and some other activities for children which was really a great way to get children out experiencing nature. Jazz again was very interested in the goats and sheep!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Lovely Autumn Day at Senzoku Pond

Sunday was another glorious autumn day so we decided to take the girls out to enjoy the sunshine. We set out to discover a new park however when we got there we found that there was a Matsuri (festival) going on so it was very crowded and there was no parking so we decided instead to go to Senzoku Pond. We have been there several times but Jazz and Dixie still love to go and check out the wild life and have a good sniff the whole way around the pond. There were many different kinds of ducks, gulls and koi enjoying the beautiful day. We were surprised to find that there were no turtles out sunning themselves but perhaps they have already gone into hibernation or been removed from the pond. We had lunch overlooking the water and then headed back home contented with our afternoon out in the sun. From tomorrow we are expecting four days of rain:(

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The weather has been great recently and except for a bit of rain we have been enjoying bright sunny autumn days. Both the dogs and the turtles are catching all the rays they can at various sun spots around the house. I sometimes wonder if Jazz and Dixie haven't turned into lizards who are very content to lounge around in the sun for most of the day. In our previous apartment there was only one spot where they could enjoy the direct sunlight and for only a short time.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Daddy's taking us to the zoo today, zoo today...

Jazz was very curious about all the animals she saw especially this mass of guinea pigs!

Dixie was more interested in the smells coming from the animals especially the mountain goats! And if there had have been poop on the outside of the cages she would have rolled in it for sure!

Today was Culture day here in Japan and therefor a national holiday. Shin had the day off and as it was such a bright sunny day autumn day we decided to take the girls out somewhere. Shin found a small zoo not far from here that is free and allows dogs to enter. There was a mix of domestic and wild animals and birds but all seemed very used to people and even dogs. Jazz was very curious and more scared of some of the animals than they were of her. She looked intently at all the animals and chatted with a few. Dixie on the other hand was more interested in the smells coming from the different animals and had her nose stuck to the ground and hardly realised the animals producing those smells! The quality of these few pics is not that good as they were taken on my mobile, I left the camera in the car!!