Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dog Field with Friends

We had planned to return to Dog Garden dog run with some of our Komazawa Dog Run friends but found out yesterday morning just as we were heading out that they don't allow big dogs. Two of our friends are labradors so that meant a quick change of plans and a visit to our favourite dog run, Dog Field. Shampi (Yellow lab) Momo (Black lab) and Hokuto (Shiba) all met us there and they all had a great time romping around the huge open space. It must be a great feeling of freedom for all the Tokyo dogs - they can run and run on a perfectly manicured grass space till they drop! While there the girls were joined by another beagle girl called Choco who was more interested in hanging around with us than with her master. The weather held out and actually we all got a little bit of colour from the sun. On the way back we saw a very cool yellow lab in a sidecar heading down the road so I quickly tried to snap a pic!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend 2 at Dog Inc

I went back to Shikoku on Friday after school and came home this evening so Jazz and Dixie got to go to Dog Inc two weekends in a row! They had a great time as usual and have both crawled under their towelket on the sofa and fallen fast asleep. Zzzzzz. Now I have to get ready for the last week of summer school!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jazz and Dixie's Weekend at Dog Inc

I went to Shin's home town in Shikoku yesterday. It was just a quick over night stay and back to Tokyo again today but I enjoyed a good yakitori (bbq chicken) dinner and I got to see the new house which is very nice. Anyway Jazz and Dixie checked into Dog Inc Pet Hotel yesterday morning and came home this evening by shuttle bus. I was told and can see from these pictures that they both had a good time. Jazz was especially playful today. I just love those 'ears shots' - she looks like Dumbo! Both girls are now fast asleep on the sofa so I know they had a busy weekend. Thank dog for places like Dog Inc. Thanks to all the staff there who always look after Jazz and Dixie so well.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Huge Thank You to Baby and Boy!

After some hassels with the delivery man our parcel from Baby and Boy arrived!! Jazz and Dixie were super excited and knew immediately that the parcel was for them. When we got it open they went wild taking out the goodies inside including the packing foam pieces! Jazz immediately claimed the blue dog stuffie while Dixie went straight for the squeaky tennis ball and the snacks, trying to rip them open herself. It was such a great parcel for the girls. Thank you so much to Baby and Boy - you guys rock!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cleaning Day

Went on a bit of a cleaning spree this weekend which included taking the covers off all the sofa cushions and washing them. In the mean time I covered the sofa with two huge towels which are called 'towelkets' here (a cross between a towel and a blanket for the hot humid Tokyo summer nights). As soon as my back was turned Jazz and Dixie jumped up on the sofa to inspect their new 'bed' and were soon fast asleep as I continued cleaning around them! Ah its a dogs life!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An Interesting Book

Today my boss gave me an interesting little book - Fandex Family Field Guides: Dogs. She knows how much I love dogs. As I was photographing it, of course Dixie had to check it out. I wonder if she knew which one was the beagle. Can you find your dog?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Walk in the Park, Lunch and a Big Bone!

It rained all day yesterday so we couldn't go out but today the sun was back so we made the most of it and went out together for a nice walk in the park. We stopped off for lunch in a restaurant near the park. I went there once when it first opened. They allowed dogs in the restaurant but had no dog menu or water. However this time we were surprised to find an extensive dog menu, water bowls and mats so your dog could sit on the chair next to you. I guess they were asked by so many people, myself included why they didn't have a dog menu. Jazz and Dixie shared a pumpkin muffin from the dog dessert menu and enjoyed it very much! On the way home we were dragged by Jazz to one of her favourite pet shops. There we found some lamb shank bones from Australia so we bought two. When we got home the girls couldn't wait to get into those bones. I put them on the balcony as the bones still had quite a bit of meat on them and were a bit on the stinky side! But Jazz and Dixie loved them.