Monday, May 07, 2007

Day 4 - May 5th - Dixie's 1st Birthday

Today our little Dixie turned 1! We started her day with a nice walk among the rice fields surrounding Grandma's house and then we bundled Jazz, Dixie, Rocky and Bobby into the car and took them to play at Rocky and Bobby's place. We celebrated with champange, a nice lunch that Daddy made and snacks for the puppies. After lunch we took all four beagles to a park that was kinda like a dog run! They had fun chasing each other around like mad.
After the bipeds came back from their dinner out, there was cake for everyone!! Daddy had bought Dixie a wonderful doggy cake from Three Dogs Bakery which was divided up among the four guests!

The next day dad drove us all the way home to Tokyo in the pouring rain! The trip took 12 hours!! But waiting for Dixie when she arrived home was a wonderful present from her friend Fei. Dixie just loved the carob dipped rollovers! Fei told her to share with her big sis but they were just too good! Thanks Fei! Dixie also received a very cute T-shirt from Jazz's brother Beat snd his sister Momo. We will model them in a future post.


Boo said...

that's one wonderful celebration. the dogs must be glad to have such a big slice of cake!

wet wet licks


Girasol said...

Happy Barkday! 1 year old, woohoo!
Looks like you had a great week.
I bet that cake tasted good...makes me want some...yummy yumm yumm.

Peanut said...

Oh wow that looks like fun filled days there. Happy Barkday Dixie.

e said...

awww so fun reading about your holiday diary!! Your daddy rocks!!! What a cool cake. Did he order that specially from tokyo?
I'm so glad that your mum thinks it's so important to do things for and with you guys. Some hooomans scoff at this ya know. Bah to them. If I had it my way, I'd always want to be with Fei ALWAYS

See you at doggy school,
Fei and Eve

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Guys
Boo - yes we were very exicited to eat all that cake!!
Girasol - One year old!! My mum thinks the time has gone by so quickly. Sorry we were all greedy beagles and didn't save any cake!!
Peanut - sure was a fun filled holiday!
Fei - glad you enjoyed reading our diary entries from our trip. We certainly had a blast. Daddy ordered that cake on the internet and the Three Dogs Bakery in Nagoya sent it by frozen takubin to Ehime. We too are glad that mum and dad spoil us. We think we deserve it!
Jazz and Dixie.