Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dog Garden

Yesterday we went back to Dog Garden Dog Run with Jazz and Dixie. It is so hot and humid here in Tokyo but at this dog run (about an hour from home) it was much cooler because of the trees, the green grass and the breeze. I wet Jazz and Dixie's new T-shirts, put them on and the girls were away - racing around the dog run like crazy, chasing each other and playing with some of the 9 Border Collies we were sharing the dog run with. There was also a small pool which I put J&D in but Dixie immediately jumped out. I also sprayed them a bit with a hose much to Dixie's disgust - she hates water even more than Jazz does! Both girls found something smelly (dead worm??) to earslide and roach on! It was quite funny to watch them do that on the down hill grassy slope. Fire works from a nearby summer festival scared Dixie and sent her running to the safety (??) of a wooden gazebo where she was joined by a scared Corgi. Jazz stuck close by us. After about two hours we headed back to Tokyo stopping at Costco and another dog run on the way. The last dog run is part of a shopping mall complex that has a large pet shop and a dog run you can use free for half an hour. It was too hot to stay out for even the thirty minutes though, so we went back in to check out the pet shop and ended up buying J&D a new bed each that is covered with a cooling fabric. Despite the heat we had a great day out with the girls.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little Something from Oz

When I came back from Australia I got the 'customs dog inspection' as soon as I got in the door! Jazz and Dixie sniffed out the Smackos Straps and Chomp and Chew rawhide bones I had brought back with me. Both the girls really do go 'wacko for smackos' and really enjoyed getting the filling out of the rawhide chews!

Friday, July 18, 2008

We're Back!

I have been in Australia for the past two weeks thus I have not posted or
visited any blogs since my last post. I had a good trip home and enjoyed my time with family and friends. I missed Jazz and Dixie and of course Shin but I did have some furry friends to keep me company while away. The first two pictures are of my grandma's cat Griggo and the others are of my sister's cats Mouse and Kitty. The last few days of my trip home were spent on Fraser Island, the worlds largest sand island. We were
surrounded by bush and the sea, it was so relxing there. Anyway once I
get settled again I will scan and post lots of cute pics of J and D at school and visit everyone's blog.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Presents from Paris

Shin was in Paris on business for the week and returned home today with a lovely gift for the girls. While there he visited an up market Paris pet shop, Pinceloup and bought new leather leads for Jazz and Dixie. They are beautifully made and smell wonderful. Of course J & D were more interested in the toys he had also bought. Jazz claimed the mouse and managed to chew the eyes and ears off! Thanks to Shin for the great presents.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Visitor!

When Jazz and Dixie were brought home from school today they came home with staff dog, Ingo who came in for a bit of a play around with Dixie. I was just reading AO4's blog the other day about all the visitors they have been having and was complaining that we don't get any. It was nice to see how happy Jazz and Dixie were to welcome Ingo into their 'dog house'.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All's well that ends well.

The day started out badly for Jazz and Dixie today! First I overslept and they had a late walk and late breakfast, then they both had a bath which they hate and then I took them to the vet which they hate even more! So after all that torture I thought I would treat them to lunch at Tokyo People's Cafe. This is a cafe resturant that is attached to a bank, that allows dogs and has a dog menu. How much more convenient can you get - you can do your banking with your pet and while you wait you can have a coffee or something stronger! and a meal. Jazz and Dixie had their favourite black sesame cookies. People often comment on how dog friendly Tokyo seems - well this area of Tokyo that I live in is really a dog's paradise! However other areas, especially the countryside don't have many if any of the dog friendly places I always write about. A lot of country dogs are Shiba's that stay outside to guard the house. I love living here as Jazz and Dixie can do a lot of shopping, dining and playing around this neighbourhood.