Friday, August 20, 2010

Rena thinks she is a Dog!

I think our little Rena thinks she is a dog! Now that she is getting around quite well she is able to catch Jazz and Dixie by their feet and she is also interested in what they are doing. Rena has many of her own toys but prefers to play in Jazz and Dixie's water dish and with their toys. Jazz and Dixie don't mind at all and get their own back by sneaking a few of Rena's soft toys and balls now and then. I can't make the difference clear to Rena or the dogs so I give up and I guess they just have to share everything that's on the floor.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Dixie and Rena are Good Friends

Rena has started to commando crawl and worked her way off her play mat to get over to her new friend, Dixie. To my surprise Dixie is more interactive with Rena than Jazz. I thought it would be the otherway around. But Jazz is still looking out for Dixie and now her littlest sister too. I am so happy that the girls like Rena and are starting to show more interest in her. Dixie has worked out that if she plays with Rena she gets extra attention from us as well.