Monday, May 07, 2007

Day 2 - May 3rd - Lake Biwa Beagle Picnic!

We left Nagoya early and headed down to Lake Biwa where we had once picniced with Jazz when she first met her brother, Beat a few years back.
We arrived around 11am to find many of Jazz's friends and relatives already seeting up camp on the green grass beneath the trees looking out across Lake Biwa. Jazz was very excited to be reunited with Beat and Dixie was happy to meet him for the first time. There were so many other beagle friends for Jazz and Dixie to talk and play with. All in all 19 beagles attended a wonderful picnic in great weather! Well that was until we decided to go for a walk along the lake shore and a big thunder storm moved in! Some of the beagles were scared of the thunder, Jazz was not very impressed with the rain. The storm was short lived and cleared up to fine weather again. After we said our goodbyes we headed off to "Pension Sheep" where a few of us were staying for the night. We had dinner with beagles and friends in a dinning area that was attached to a dog run. After dinner we let Jazz and Dixie have a quick run in the dark in the dog run.

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Girasol said...

picnic! wooohooo! I love picnics.
I can see you guys had a lot of fun.