Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stick with me Sister!

Being a Thursday Jazz and Dixie were off at school today playing together and with other doggy friends. Dixie just loves to hang out with her big sis and sit literally right on top of her. As Dixie gets older she is looking more and more like Jazz. But the similarities stop at looks!!


Casey said...

Sorry for posting in your comments section but I couldn't find an email address. Can you contact me via email? It's about your blog being listed on our site.

Again, sorry if leaving this message here is annoying.

Nugget said...

Jazz and Dixie, You guys are sooo cute! But of course that is because you are beagles.

Luv, Nugget

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hey thanks Nugget. We think you are cute too!
Jazz and Dixie

Girasol said...

yeah school! a lot of friends and fun, dis you have to study for your test?

The Army of Four said...

The pix of you two together are TOO cute, girls! Jazz, it is so nice that you look after your little sister!
Tail wags,

Jazz and Dixie said...

Casey - thanks for including us on your site. No worries about leaving us a message in our comments.
Girasol - school is something we really look forward to! The teachers are lovely and think we are good girls. About the test ....
Well if it involves food we will pass with flying colours but if it involves obedience training then I think we will fail!
Stormy - Yes Jazz is a great big sis. She has taught me many essentials and she always looks out for me. However if she has had enough of my silly antics she lets me know!