Saturday, March 10, 2007

Poor Poor Dixie!

This morning we tried to sleep in as much as Dixie would let us! Jazz is quite happy to have breakfast and then come back to bed but not Dixie. Anyway we were all up and hungry so we went down the road to an American style dinner that has started serving breakfast! They have a covered in outside deck so we all sat out there and had pancakes and cooked breakfast and hot coffee. After breakfast the girls and I walked around the block to the park and dog run. When I let the girls in a Shiba Inu ran at them snarling, biting and barking. Jazz was trying to protect Dixie and I was struggling in vain to pick up both of them. The owner of the Shiba refused to put his dog a lead until I used very strong words with him. Anyway what started as a wonderful Saturday morning ended in a trip to the vet for Dixie with a torn ear. The Shiba had bitten right through Dixie's little ear! The vet gave us some antibiotics and some cream to put on the wound for the next four days.


deanne said...

ouch! That must have been really scary for all of you!! (Especially the other crazy owner when you used 'strong words' with him!! he he)

Hope you are all feeling alot better!

When are you guys having a hanami party? Are the blossom blooming round your way?

The Army of Four said...

Oh NO! Dixie, you poor sweet puppy! Are you OK?!?!? How scary! And how irresponsible of that doggie's owner! :( We should come over there and be your body guards!
Your mama did GREAT trying to protect you two. That whole thing must have upset her - I know my mom would have been shaken!
Play bows,

Jazz and Dixie said...

Thanks for your concern guys.
Dixie is ok and reluctantly letting mum and dad put the ointment on her ear. The vet says everything will be ok but he had to shave over the bite part so it will heal nicely. Thats one of the probs of having those long hanging ears! We avoided the dog run today and will just use it in the mornings with all our doggy friends whose owners are responsible! I don't think anyone would mess with us with the AO4 as body guards! Thanks guys.

Jasper said...

How scawwie!! Poor Dixie! We are so sorry that happened to you! I hope your ear heals quickly!

e said...

oh thats so awful!!!!
Is everything okay?

love and hugs

Jazz and Dixie said...

Thanks Jasper and Fei for your concern. Each day my ear is getting better.

Nugget said...

Oh Dixie, I am soo sorry to hear about your ear. I hope it is healing well.