Sunday, March 04, 2007


Yesterday, March 3rd was Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival/Girls' Day) in Japan. This is a day to pray for young girl's growth and happiness.
Some families with girls display a seven tiered stand with small porcelein dolls. The flowers for Hinamatsuri are "Momo" (peach) and "Hanohana" (rape blossom) .
Last night I went to a Hinamatsuri party at a friend's house with traditional food and and saw for the first time (in a house), the seven tiered doll stand. This set was 48 years old! and in great condition. These days many people don't have the space to display all the dolls and may have a smaller version. Happy Girls' Day to all the girl pups out there.


Kimono Karen said...

The dolls you saw were a bit older than the ones I did. I'm guessing the set I saw was about 30 years old because we were told that they were purchased at the time of their daughter's birth. We didn't know there was a party involved though! We had tea and traditional snacks but a party would have been fun to try. There is always next year!

The Army of Four said...

That's so pretty! Thank you for sharing a little bit about "Hinamatsuri" with us!

Nugget said...

Very Pretty! You can't play ball around those dolls.

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi guys,
Karen - I'm not sure the party is traditional but some of the foods such as the rape plant (kinda like brocoliflower) are for hinamatsuri. Anyway mum ate so much food it was hard for her to cycle home!!

Amber - Yes Japan has so many neat little festivals and traditions. Next up is Cherry Blossom viewing season where we will have a party under the beautiful cherry trees! Stay tuned for that one as being Dixie's first spring there are bound to be a few pics of us.

Nugget - Yep no balls! The family with those dolls has a Border Collie but she is very good and doesn't bother with them. Dixie on the other hand may chew up those dolls!!