Monday, March 12, 2007

Sun Lizards!

Spring is now well and truely here and with it comes a change in the position of the early morning sun! During the winter months the sun is low and doesn't shine in through the balcony doors. This morning Jazz introduced Dixie to the sunny spot by the sliding glass doors in front of the heater. She is really a comfort creature! Shin snapped these pics before he went off to work.


The Army of Four said...

You two look SO snuggly! I love to lay in the sun, too.
Play bows,
PS: How is your ear, Dixie?

Jasper said...

I love the lay in the sun feels so warm and nice!
You two look so adorable there!!!

Fu Fu said...

Hello Jazz and Dixie, you 2 really know where's the comfy spot to lay and suntan. :)

~ fufu

Jazz and Dixie said...

Zim - Yes we often snuggle up together on the sofa, in the sun and in my crate. Dixie's ear is getting better. It still looks a bit yucky and must be a little sore as she doesnt like mum/dad putting the cream on. Thanks for asking.
Jasper - thanks. The sunspots are the place to be on a cool spring day.
Fufu - We beagles really know about comfort, warmth and food! Do you like to sun yourself?
Jazz and Dixie