Sunday, October 29, 2006

Izu Mountain Dog Run

This weekend we hired a car and Shin drove us to Izu to his friend Ken's place. After lunch we took Jazz and Dixie to a very unique dog run built on the side of a hill, aptly named Izu Mountain Dog Run. There were many paths to follow and go up, up the mountain. Jazz and Dixie just took off chasing each other up and down and all around the dog run. We worked up a sweat trying to keep an eye on them. I guess it brought out the beagle instinct in both girls as their noses were to the ground following scents and chasing other dogs. Dixie took a few tumbles from the paths and down the hill as she was quite fearless! It was hard to catch them in the end but once we had them both back on the leads and in the car we headed down to the beach. We walked along the promanade and down onto the sand. It was Dixie's first experience on the sand and she did exactly what Jazz did the first time she was on the sand, she ate it!! What a fun filled day for all.

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