Monday, November 20, 2006

Dog Inc Days

Yesterday at the Puppy Only event at Dog Inc. I was given some photos of Jazz and Dixie from their regular Thursday class. I scanned them and have included them here.


e said...

Hey Larissa
What's this regular thursday class about? I have heard of Dog INC (they have an excellent english site up). Do they provide transportation to ferry your dogs back and forth?

Eve ( & Fei , of course)

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Eve,
The "Doggy Room" at Dog Inc is where Jazz and Dixie go every Thursday to meet and play with doggy friends. The Thursday group just worked out like that and over the two years Jazz has been going she has made some friends we call the "Thursday regulars". A Dog Inc van comes to pick them up about 8.15am and drops them home by 7.00pm. It depends on where you live as to the price for this pick up drop off service. Jazz and Dixie just love going and all the staff that work there.