Sunday, November 12, 2006

Beagle Brownies!!

Today mummy made us a special treat - Beagle Brownies!! The smell of them cooking was too much for us, then we had to wait behind glass while they cooled outside. We watched very eagerly as mummy cut the brownies into bite size pieces and when the time came to try them we could not contain ourselves!! We forgot all about sit, paw, paw and down! They were so good we licked up every last crumb and then continued to search for more!! Mummy says we have to wait until tomorrow for more. "Awh mum can't we have just one more?"


e said...

WOW Beagle Brownies!!
Can we have the recipe too, even though Fei's not a beagle?

Fei and E

Jazz and Dixie said...

My recipe for Beagle Brownies is as follows..

5 cups TLC dried dog food (import from Canada)

Four pieces of chicken breast (called sasami in Japan) cooked in microwave for 2mins or so and pour off any fat.

Place above ingredients in food processor and add one egg, a little milk and some water and zap all ingredients till like a thick cookie mix.

Spoon out into a baking tray and bake for about 25mins.

Cool and cut into bite size pieces.

Store in the refridgerator.

Jazz and Dixie love these so much!

This is just a rough guide as I just kinda throw all the ingredients together and keep checking them in the oven till they are brown on top.

e said...

WOW WE have to try this!!
I was wondering what SASAMI was...
Chicken breast. I think Fei's allergic to chicken.