Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mango Madness!

Summer in Japan often means "summer gifts" from friends or work collegues. Shin received this wonderful box of absolutely delicious Okinawan mangoes from his boss this week! Now if the world were made of mangoes I'd be in my element as I love them. Jazz and Dixie also go nuts everytime I cut one up and sit down to eat it. Looking into those pleading eyes (they are looking at my bowl of mango in the pic) I give in and share my mango with them. Boy are they happy about that!


Ferndoggle said...

I love Mangos too! The ones we have in Pittsburgh look nothing like that though!!


Peanut said...

I think my mom needs to get me some mango

Nugget said...

Mangos are so good! Yum-Lucky girls.

Nugget & the boys