Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Dip in the Pool

It was another stinking hot and humid day here so I pulled out the children's paddling pool I'd bought for Jazz a few years back. It just fits the width of the balcony of our apartment and is a great way for the girls and us to cool off. Jazz is getting better at getting into the water by herself. At first she was a little hesitant but after a few licks of the cool water she got in and waded around. Dixie on the other hand could not be coaxed into the water even with a snack! I picked her up and put her in the ankle deep water but she promptly jumped out. She was quite content to watch from the sidelines and drink from the hose. After finishing our "swim" the plants on the balcony and in the apartment got a good watering and the balcony got a much needed wash.


Sparky said...

The water must have felt really good on this hot day. I wish I had a pool right now...


Jackson said...

lucky puppies what away to cool off
cheers M

ToFFee said...

a swimming pool all to yourself!

you're one lucky pups!

now I'm jealous...


Anonymous said...

Your swimming pool looks much bigger than mine!! Maybe next time you should try digging in the water - it's soooo much fun and maybe then Dixie will join you!!


Ferndoggle said...

You girls look so pretty in that pool! Looks very refershing.


Hammer said...

I'm with you Dixie. I put my feet in the water once, but I'm scared again now.

The weather has been cold over here in Oz but it's starting to warm up again. I don't like the humid weather.

Love from Hammer

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

The pool looks great, Oscar would have loved it.

Thanks for your messsages of suppor re Oscar. We have updated his blog today with our plans for remembering him.

Katy & Martin x

Peanut said...

a pool yucky

fee said...

teehee, i'm just like dixie. i need to be thrown into the waddling pool. i hope you guys feel a whole lot cooler now!


Lorenza said...

Hi, girls.
I like your pool! Yours is just the right size!
A splash is the best way to cool off! I know that!
Have a nice day

Rockford said...

Looks like you can have some fun there! Dad takes me down to the lake, but Mati has never even seen the lake yet! I can't wait to see that! -Rocky

Pacco de Mongrel said...

fun time 2 b chilling out in a pool..

i usually juz lay on d tile floor to cool myself...

Nugget said...

Wow! Jazz-you like to swim? Your pool looks nice and cool, but I prefer wading in stinky ponds on my own terms.

Nugget & the boys

umekotyan said...

The pool of jazz seems to be cool, and seems to pleasant. :)

Thank you for the message it is about the birthday.

from loved ume tyan

Anonymous said...

hi there Jazz & Dixie..

I saw all your recent post.. u've got so many post compare to me.. ! and sure its much more interesting life you've got there ! :D

Mum just wants me to tell you mum that she just uploaded a new post with a few cute face of mine.. but they're not very recent pics though!

Looks like I'm more like Dixie.. afraid of water.. but not bathing!

See you at my blog... :)

Girasol said...

a pool, sweet!!!! you guy have a lot of cool stuff over there. I wish i could go to visit and stay... what's next a jacuzzi?

stay cool hehehehe