Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fun at Gunma Dog Run

To hire a car or not to hire a car? That was the question we threw back and forth right up until last night. Japan is in the midst of the rainy season at the moment so its a matter of taking a chance and just getting out. Lucky us - today we had a sunny partly cloudy day with temps up to 33 degrees! We set off early to Gunma prefecture, a place we haven't been before, to a "communication park for dogs and people". It was on the way that I realised I'd forgotten Jazz and Dixie's harnesses and leads, so our first stop when we arrived was the pet shop to get new ones. Choices weren't great but we fitted J and D out with new harnesses and headed into the park where visitors are allowed anywhere on leash. There were also two dog runs and agility course for off leash fun. We headed for the big dog run complete with doggy pool. We tried to encourage our water fearing beagles into the water but neither one was going in! So we took shelter under a tree and watched as the girls ran around having fun. I even managed to get them to run a few lengths of the time trial carrals with the aid of snacks of course! By now it was really heating up so we took the be-gals poolside again. This time to our greatest surprise Jazz started down the gentle slope into the cool water and waded out to chest height. We just watched in amazement!! She must have been quite hot! It was then that I realised that I needed to get some evidence of this most unusual event. Dixie on the other was not so keen and when Shin put her in the pool she just scrabbled up the wall desparate to get out. This cool down gave both girls a new lease of life and they took off again. Only this time they found some very stinky poop and rolled on it. Another first! Dixie managed to get it all up the side of her face!! I was disgusted and rushed to hose them off. After that fiasco we went for lunch in the dog cafe. We slowly made our way home stopping in at a roadhouse with a dog run. What a day! All made possible by our chief navigator and great weather.


Peanut said...

Sounds like fun. I can't beleive Jazz went in the water. Yeah for her.

Jackson said...

well,well, what a wonderful day had by everyone. yes there's a need for a swim on a 33 degree day

Hammer said...

Hi Jazz and Dixie

I don't like the water either. I'm not used to it. Jazz was very brave going in so deep.

I'm glad you had such a fun day and it wasn't raining.

Love from Hammer

Eddie N Peaches said...

Wow. That's neat that they have these places for dogs there. I wish we had such a nice dog park around us. Our nearest dog park is 54 miles away and all it is is a 4 fenced acres with a couple of big trees and a couple of benches for people to sit on. Pretty sad, huh.
Peaches & Eddie

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That sure is a fun day in the dog run. :)

~ girl girl

ToFFee said...

what fun!

plus a swimming pool too!

I don't know if i like the water.. i haven't been in a pool before.


Ferndoggle said...

Look at those flying ears!!!! Sounds like a fun day!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

umekotyan said...

Swimming in the pool seems to be happy.
Did you practice?

from loved ume tyan

Oscar Airedale said...

What a day! I can't believe lovely girls like you would roll in stinky poop, hehehe!

Oscar x

The Army of Four said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! You two look like you had SUCH fun! And you're so brave to try the water - I don't think I'd be willing to go in by myself. I'd need my dad to help like Dixie did!
I'm so glad you had such FUN! You look so happy!

Nugget said...

Stewy and I like the ponds at the dog park, but only if they are nice and stinky!

Licks, Nugget

Girasol said...

running, playing and then swiming at the pool... fresh!!!!