Friday, January 05, 2007

Lunch with Tora and Mel

Today Jazz and Dixie went to lunch with two of their "Komazawa Dog Run" friends, Tora the Corgie and Mel the Border Collie. We tried a new restaurant near the park that allows doggies. Jazz was reasonably behaved but her little sister, Dixie is working on keeping still for any length of time. Very hard when you are 8mths (today) and so full of energy!! After lunch we all went back to Tora's place for afternoon tea. Tora was nice enough to share his whole toy basket! We all had a nice day.


fee said...

i know am a bit late, but hoo cares – new year omedetto! you guys look so alike in your baby pictures but i know who is who! dixie is the one on top and jazz is below! and did papa get charred by the sparks in his birthday photo? it looks like someone has rubbed charcoal on his face!

anyways, i hope you will have a great year ahead and lots of fun!


e said...

Oh nice!! I want to check out the restaurants near Konazawa too. We have setagaya park just near us and I've already found 5 dog friendly places (1 restaurant, 1 bar, 1 cafe, 1 pet store and Dog Dept. )
Fei's a bit of a skittish dog because she was once a stray. But she's a little better with dogs and she's able to relax when she sees that humans are with dogs (meaning they prob wont harm her)

Good news about the Ashes, eh!
Fei's got a lil tribute up on the blog.

Jazz and Dixie said...

hi Fei,
You will be glad to know that you have moved into a very dog friendly area of Tokyo and you will ind many pet shops and restaurants and cafe's that you are allowed in!! Its a dog's life!
Love Jazz and Dixie

Kevin the Collie said...

Another dog friendly cafe - you guys are so lucky!
Kevin the Collie