Thursday, January 04, 2007

Himonya Park

Today it was a sunny winter's day so we decided to take a walk over to Himonya Park to see the ponies and feed the ducks. Jazz and Dixie were very curious and wanted to get in the pen with the horses?? We then walked around the pond complete with new shrine and fed the ducks. There were also many new smells to check out so Jazz and Dixie pretty much had their noses to the ground the whole time!!


e said...

Oh!! The girls look so cute both of them peeking over the fence.
I'm officially inviting Jazz and Dixie for sleepovers/homestays at ours if our dogs get along!
Fei & E

Boo said...

hey jazz & dixie,

i have added both of yours barkday on the event calendar. if you want, you can add a button to be reminded of the upcoming events here.

you know what? i think you two should just jump to the pond and start swimming with the ducks!

wet wet licks


Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Fei,
We are really looking forward to meeting you and hope we can all get along well. We are very friendly with both dogs and people, maybe people a little more as they give us yummy snacks!!
Jazz and Dixie