Thursday, June 21, 2012


Thank you to everyone who sent their best wishes for Jazz. After having spent a week in hospital and not showing any signs of improvement and not knowing 100% what is wrong with her we decided to bring her home on Sunday. She was weak but so happy to be home again with Dixie and us. Since Sunday she had been eating well, although not gaining any weight. She was still managing to do her business outside and walk slowly around in the garden. She has been sleeping in an oxygen cage at night to help her breathing. However this morning things have taken a turn for the worst as she is not eating or drinking anything and she can not stand up at all. The vets at a top medical centre here think it may be some kind of cancer but they can't say for sure as blood work has not shown signs of cancer and some abnormal cells found in her lungs are also associated with severe inflammation. She has developed several lumps on her body and face almost over night and is not responding to any of the many drugs she is on at the moment.  She is lying on my bed at the moment next to me and I'm so sad to see my dear sweet Jazz this way. We continue to hope and pray that she will pull through this whatever it is and thank you for your prayers too.

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Lorenza said...

I was hoping she could be feeling better.
My paws will be crossed for her.
Take care
Kisses and hugs