Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!!

Today Jazz and Dixie went trick or treating! Well not really but they still scored a doggy candy bag each! After work today we went to Pet Love Cafe for a bit of a play and a drink. A regular friend Candy was there and we met a new beagle friend named ChaCha. She was only 8 months and very lively. On the way out the girls each recieved a goody bag with cookies and jerky. They could barely wait till we got home to open them! They really were like children and wanted to eat the whole lot in one go!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Jazz and Dixie are trying to decide what to be for Halloween. Jazz settled for being a 'perfect pumpkin'! Dixie is trying to decide between a pumpkin, bunny rabbit or Little Red Ridinghood!

Friday, October 26, 2007

What should I be for Halloween?

Jazz loves to get under blankets while sleeping and cover herself completely. She also loves to play around with blankets and this is how she presented herself in the living room this evening after pulling the blanket from Dixie's crate. She looked like a ghost!
The ever curious Dixie checked out a new beagle item given to us by Shin's brother and wife. The words ring so true!
And the beagle shrine continues to grow!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kinuta Park and New Coats!

Shin's brother and his wife returned to Japan from their honeymoon in L.A. and Las Vegas and stayed over night with us in Tokyo before heading home. They had hired a car to drive to the airport so we had the use of it for the rest of the day after they left so we decided to take the girls somewhere again. They were a little on the tired side this morning but soon picked up speed when we got to Kinuta Park, a large local park. I used to take Jazz to this park a lot before Dixie came but we haven't really been there since because I need to take a bus and I can't fit both Jazz and Dixie in a bag!! On all public transport here your dog or cat has to be in a carry bag or crate. I can fit both Jazz and Dixie in Jazz's crate but its too difficult to lift it on and off of the buses. I think Jazz remembered her days in Kinuta Park because she walked through there like she was on a mission. A large grassy section of the park is off limits to dogs but we walked along the edges and in the shade of the many trees. After our walk in the park we headed to Dog and Cat Joker, a big pet shop which pets can go into. I have wanted to buy Jazz and Dixie a new coat for winter but have been waiting till I can actually try the coats on rather than ordering them on the internet. So today was perfect as we had the girls with us. When we got home I got Jazz and Dixie to model their new coats which they were not happy about yet ,but will be when its freezing cold and dark on those winter morning walks! What a busy weekend we had this weekend with two doggy outings!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Komazawa Dog Group Dog Field Outing Part 1

Today, members of the Komazawa Dog Run Group, including Jazz and Dixie met for a fun day at Dog Field Dog Run. Yesterday evening it started to rain and I thought we would have to call our trip off but luckily this morning it had cleared to a fine autumn day! When we arrived at Dog Field Mt Fuji was covered with clouds but as the day went on it cleared and we had fantastic views of this most majestic mountain. From ten till twelve Jazz and Dixie and their friends, Shampi (lab/retriever cross), Mel (Border Collie), Tora (Corgie), Merci (Golden Retriever), Luna (Labrador Retriever), Momo and Bell (Black Labs) chased balls and frisbees and had a great time romping around in the huge open space. At twelve we all sat down to a great BBQ lunch. After all the seafood, beef, chicken and vegies we ate we were full and had to return to the dog run to walk some of it off! We left around 3pm and headed home with two very content and sleepy dogs on the back seat! What a perfect day!

Komazawa Dog Group Dog Field Outing Part 2

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pet Love Cafe

I had to teach tonight so before going I took Jazz and Dixie to Pet Love Cafe where they met their beagle friend Nala again. On the way home we met the other Jazz and his mum told us of the Pet Love Blog. Jazz and Dixie have been going there for some time now and I never realised they had a blog so I checked it out tonight and found a several pics of J and D.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hold my hand and .....

At school on Thursday Jazz was snapped holding Dixie's hand. These photos tell a lot about Jazz's personality. Firstly she loves finding sun spots to nap in and secondly she always keeps Dixie close and keeps and eye out for her little sister, Dixie. I'm really pleased about how they have grown to love each other. I was a bit worried when we first brought Dixie home as Jazz didn't like her and would not share any of her toys with her. Things have changed since those early days and Jazz now puts up with a lot of Dixie's silly puppy antics!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beagle Buddies!

Yesterday after work I took the girls for a walk and then we stopped in at Pet Love Cafe for a Macha Latte and a play. We hadn't been there long when to our surprise a beagle friend we hadn't seen in a long time turned up. A while back I posted about another cute little beagle, Nala a five month old girl. Well that's who we met, but now she is almost a year old, in fact her birthday is on Saturday. Jazz and Nala were fine together but Dixie was trying to assert herself at first but when she saw Nala wasn't going to hurt her but infact wanted to play the silly games Dixie usually likes she joined in a few times. Dixie was however a little jealous if I paid Nala or Jazz too much attention. Niether Nala's mum or I had our cameras so we tried and tried to snap a nice shot of the three of them on our mobile phones but didn't really succeed. One of the staff members there managed to catch a couple of good ones which they kindly printed up for us. On the way out we met a new boy beagle friend whose name is also Jazz! They look so cute when they are all together.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Wedding Weekend

This long weekend Shin and I flew to Matsuyama for Shin's brother's wedding and while we were away Jazz and Dixie stayed at Dog Inc. Its really great to have a place where we can leave J and D knowing they will be happy and well looked after. It makes it a little easier to leave them. We had a good weekend away and met Rocky and Bobby again but as always it is great to see the girls. They were excited when they got home and Jazz gave me many unsolicited kisses! Rocky and Bobby's mum had given me a wooden 'Fetch' stick for Dixie to try. I hadn't shown it to Dixie and just put it on the coffee table. After all the greetings and excitement of being home the girls calmed down and Dixie just took the stick off the coffee table and started chewing on it! It's the first time she had this toy but she immediately knew what to do with it. As suspected Jazz wasn't interested.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dixie's Best Boy Friend at School

Jazz and Dixie were at school today and when they came home I got these wonderful pictures of their day. Of course Dixie's best girl friend is Jazz - she really adores her as you can see from the photos of them together. Dixie also has a best boy friend at school whose name is Ingo. He belongs to a member of staff and has known Jazz for sometime now but really likes playing with Dixie. These photos of the two of them are so cute!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Thank you!

Hey everyone our good friend in Oz, River has given us this award! Thank you River. We love your blog too. We love all our friends blogs because we can read about what everyone is up to and see great pics and vids. We'd like to pass this award onto Nugget, Peaches and Crew, Rockstar and Company, Fei and Girasol just to name a few that haven't attached this wonderful logo to their blogs yet.