Saturday, October 20, 2007

Komazawa Dog Group Dog Field Outing Part 1

Today, members of the Komazawa Dog Run Group, including Jazz and Dixie met for a fun day at Dog Field Dog Run. Yesterday evening it started to rain and I thought we would have to call our trip off but luckily this morning it had cleared to a fine autumn day! When we arrived at Dog Field Mt Fuji was covered with clouds but as the day went on it cleared and we had fantastic views of this most majestic mountain. From ten till twelve Jazz and Dixie and their friends, Shampi (lab/retriever cross), Mel (Border Collie), Tora (Corgie), Merci (Golden Retriever), Luna (Labrador Retriever), Momo and Bell (Black Labs) chased balls and frisbees and had a great time romping around in the huge open space. At twelve we all sat down to a great BBQ lunch. After all the seafood, beef, chicken and vegies we ate we were full and had to return to the dog run to walk some of it off! We left around 3pm and headed home with two very content and sleepy dogs on the back seat! What a perfect day!


River said...

That looks like heaps of fun - but what's with the weird hat the corgi (Tora??) is wearing?


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends
Glad you have a nice day to enjoy there with your friends! Looks like everyone had fun!
My mom is drooling thinking of the lunch your parents had!
Have a good night

Jackson said...

H'mmm, H'mmm I can taste the lunch from here lucky Jazz and Dixie woof! woof! M