Sunday, December 30, 2007

Doggy Getaway

The lodge we stayed at in Yamanakako.

Dixie was right at home in the snow.

Jazz checking out all the scents that lay beneath the snow!

Dixie taught herself to walk the plank and Jazz overcame
her fear of it with the help of a handful of snacks!

The room we stayed in had its own little garden which Jazz
and Dixie were allowed to run free in.

The action shots are a bit blurry because the girls were
running so fast and I didn't have a chance to set the camera
to sports mode!

Checking out the scents of previous guests.

Jazz and Dixie have fun as always at their favourite dog
run, Dog Field.

Jazz and Dixie each got a new tennis ball at the dog
run but Jazz liked them both and couldn't choose
between them.

On Friday we all set off for Yamanakako for a long weekend. On the way there we stopped in at our favourite dog run, Dog Field. It is guarenteed that Jazz and Dixie will have fun there chasing each other around like crazy in the huge open space!
After two hours there we set off for our accomodation for the weekend, a place called Caro Foresta (check it out at near Lake Yamanaka, 100kms north west of Tokyo. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find our lovely, dog friendly digs complete with little garden for the dogs, even if it was covered in snow!!! The garden opened on to a big woodchip/snow covered dog run which Jazz and Dixie loved. Jazz was a little causious at first on the snow that crunched beneath her feet but Dixie was racing around on it like a snow bunny. In the evenings our delicious meals were brought to our room course by course and served over an hour and a half and in the mornings we all dined in an adjoining cafe.
This was by far the best dog friendly accomodation we have stayed in - dogs allowed everywhere, lovely furnished suite rooms and great food. We all had a great little getaway.


snoutbeagle said...

Wow, what a wonderful doggie get-away you had! (Dog vacations are my favorite vacations.) If Japan wasn't so far away from Wisconsin we'd be sure to go there on holiday too. I love that they had a "dog walk" set up in the dog garden. Welcome back home!

Jackie, Diesel, and Marvin

Lorenza said...

It makes me so happy you had great time at that place. Looks great even with all that snow that makes me feel freezing right now!
Have a good night

Girasol said...

wow! you girls had some real fun on the snow!

Hammer said...

Hi Jazz and Dixie
We're so happy you and your pawrents had a bootiful little vacation. You looked so happy and were having so much fun.
Love from Hammer

Simba said...

WOW!!! That looks like HEAVEN for dogs!! Glad you had a great time! (how could you not!!) Your humans take really good pictures too!!