Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A New Beagle Friend

Today I had to work late so I sent Jazz and Dixie to Dog Inc. They met a new lemon beagle friend, called Urma. They all had fun playing together! A day at home to rest tomorrow and then back to school for the girls on Thursday. I don't like leaving them at home if I come home later than six so if I have to work extra then I book them in for an extra day at school. I don't think they mind because as you can see from all the pictures we get, they seem to be demanding their fare share of the teachers' attention!


e said...

Hey J & D and Larissa!
Love the girls' new coats.
Fei just has her only one; she's a bit gruff.

Cant wait to get this studying out of the way!!
Maybe we can meet mid december? I have to write a training manual thing but I'll be done by mid dec.

Too bad we missed you while at Setagaya park. Think we were holed up at home studying.
Catch you girls later.
Fei and E

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Perhaps I should go to school.

I might learn to be as good as Jazz and Dixie, or meet beautiful dogs like J&D.


Girasol said...

meet new friend , always is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't feel guilty about giving the girls an extra day at school at all - looks like they have a fantastic time!!!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Haa.. Jazz & Dixie sure seems to have lots of fun at school. They get to met so many new friends

~ Girl girl

Harry said...

The school does look fun! I will post about the award yo gave us today girls!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Hammer said...

Hi Jazz and Dixie
It's good you can go to school when your mum has to work. There's nothing like this for us where we live. My mum has always worked very long hours and my brothers and sisters in Heaven had to suffer because of this. My mum doesn't want me or my family to have to suffer like this.
Love from Hammer

Sparky said...

Wow, you guys keep on making new friends and having fun at school! I want to go now.


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends
Sure you are very lucky having Dog, Inc. to take care of you while your mom is busy! And to meet a new friend sure is great!
Have a good night

The Army of Four said...

That looks like such fun! And the lemon Beagle is sooooooooo beautiful!
Dixie, was that one doggie telling you a secret? :)
Thanks for sharing your day at Dog, Inc. with us!