Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dog Field Part Two

After the rain stopped we let the girls back into the dog run. Soon after it got quite hot so out came the wet t-shirts and in came some friends to play with. Dixie had a great time playing with a Corgi complete with his tail! Its only the second time here that I have seen a Corgi with a tail. We ended up staying for four hours. On the way home we stopped in at our favourite road house with dog run for another run around. The girls were tired and slept all the way home. Once the sun had gone down we both realised we had gotten a bit of a tan!


Sparky said...

Looks like you've all had a great day, eh? I wish I could've joined you!


Anonymous said...

Those shirts not only look cute but are a great idea for cooling off!


Jackson said...

yes its looks like a good day was head by all! time to go home to sleep! lucky puppies what a great long weekend.
Cheers M.

Jackson said...

oops! jackson's spelling is not so good it should have been had instead of head!!!