Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dixie's 1st Anniversary!

On this day one year ago little Dixie entered our lives for the first time. It was an equally hot summer day when we went to pick her up. So in order to celebrate such a special occassion we bundled the girls into a car and took them to Yoyogi Park, a nice big park in Tokyo. We left home at seven to try to get there by 7.30am as it is just too hot to be out with the girls in the day! Wow Yoyogi Park Dog Run is great compared with our local dog run in Komazawa. Its a nice big fenced in area covered with wood chips and shaded by many trees. At first Jazz and Dixie were pretty shy and stayed mostly around us but we were joined in the dog run by three other boy beagles and then some other friendly dogs. We played fetch with a favourite squeaky ball, ran around a bit and crunched ice cubes! Even under the shade that early in the morning it was still quite hot.


Rockford said...

Oh my gosh! It's a whole Beagle Brigade! How great! Happy Anniversary

Eddie N Peaches said...

Happy Anniversary Dixie! What a great family you have spent the past year with, and many more years to come. How exciting!

Very cool seeing all the beagles together. Barooooooo!
Whoofs & more Barooos,
Eddie & Peaches

Jackson said...

Congratulations to Dixie love M

The Army of Four said...

Sorry I'm late; we're trying to play blog catch up today!!!
Play bows from ALL of us,