Monday, July 23, 2007

Wacky Watermelons!!

This post is for Dave over at AO4 who loves watermelon. We were telling him about some crazy shaped and obseenly priced watermelons on sale here in Japan. Well I was in a very posh fruit shop today (just looking!!) and just happened to see those fruits in question. There were square watermelons, three and four sided pyramid shaped ones, snowman shaped ones and the most ridiculous of all was one like a giant dice with the dots indented into the watermelon. These melons were priceless but after seeing the cost of two mangoes from Okinawa ¥31,500 (US$260, A$295, GBP126) I didn't dare ask about the price of them which I read in a newspaper artitle could be up to ¥25,000. Fruit in general in Japan is on the pricey side but this is taking it all a bit too far! These would make for one very expensive watermelon slushie, Dave!


The Army of Four said...

Wooooooooo! Those are incredible watermelons! I like that pyramid one - talk about the "Great Pyramids"! Woo!
I'm glad the round ones or oval ones are cheaper ... I don't think Mom would share those pricey ones with me! Come to think of it, I don't think she'd spring for one at ALL!
The square one looks like a gift package, doesn't it? And woo, are those the pretty peaches your mom got!?!?
Great post, Jazz & Dixie! I LOVED seeing these cool watermelons!!!

Eddie N Peaches said...

Oh My! We've never seen anything like it! They look cool, but if Momma bought those, I don't think she'd have money left to buy us chewies and toys and stuff.
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie & Peaches

Sparky said...

Wow, those are very cool watermelons! Can I eat them?


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh those are really cute but expensive watermelon...

~ girl girl

Hui Min said...

i have seen some S$30 apples (USD$18) in singapore and i already thought those were impossible. how big were those crazy mangoes? but oh my they look very very yummy. so rosy!

those melons are amusing. hee hee.. are there special farms that grow these weird looking fruits? :)


Nugget said...

I wonder if they taste just as good? I like the small round juicy seedless ones.

Oscar Airedale said...

How bizarre!

Oscar x

Anonymous said...

Wow those are crazy looking watermelons. I wonder how they do that....

Girasol said...

This are pretty weird watermelons!!

umekotyan said...

There are watermelons of various shape. :)
The price is a terrible price.
I want to know who buys it.

from loved ume tyan

The Army of Four said...

Jazz! We tagged you and Dixie in a fun, new tag game! Come on by our blog for details!
Tail wags,

fee said...

we saw those on tv too! i wonder if they taste better than the usual ones?

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
I can't believe the prices of the fruit there! My mom gets scared when she has to pay here USD$2 for a kilo of mangoes and watermelon.
Have a nice day