Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sweet Potatoes!

Yesterday the girls and I went for lunch at Pet Love Cafe for the first time. We've used the indoor dog run there before but today we decided to sample some things from the lunch menu. I had taco rice and the girls each had a sweet potato bone shaped cake. They shared the first one and I set aside the second one so I could eat my lunch. Jazz sat patiently for some time at the table across from me knowing the cake was there just waiting to be eaten! The temptation proved too much for her so I gave in a devided up the second cake between them. After lunch we played in the dog run where Jazz and Dixie met an young, very playfull Irish Terrier.


Pacco de Mongrel said... so tempting..

owner is plain cruel 2 make u wait n beg 4 it

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh my humans love to eat sweet potato... That is so yummy looking..

~ girl girl

Hui Min said...

there are peaches in the supermarkets here in singapore too, but they are not sweet enough, or ripe enough. wish we could grow them locally

the cake looks delicious! what filling did it have? :)


Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, that looks good. I'm not very good about waiting for food either. I tend to get a bit vocal and howl!

Oscar x

Anonymous said...

Hehehe - good plan Jazz - what human on earth could resist a face like that!!


Eddie N Peaches said...

What a neat place you have to go to! And such yummy treats.
Whuffs & Baroos,
Eddie & Peaches

Sparky said...

Ooooh, that looks so good! Mmmm...


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh man I woulda had that bone gone in 2 seconds!

Bussie Kissies

Nugget said...

Hi Jazz & Dixie,
Sorry we've been missing lately! We love your recent posts and will play tag with you soon!

umekotyan said...

It seems not to be able ..temptation of the cake.. to endure jazz.
Ume tyan is also the same as it.
Please enjoy a good weekend. :)

from loved ume tyan

Girasol said...

Those cookies look delicious! what else are in the pet love cafe? I bet is alot of yummy treats.

The Army of Four said...

Those look incredible! My mom calls me her little Sweet Potato! :) What can I say? I YAM what I YAM. Hee hee hee!