Sunday, June 17, 2007

We are Back!!

I am back in Japan after a great holiday in Oz. I really missed Jazz and Dixie but did have some animal companions to help. The beautiful Golden Retriever is Jasper who belongs to one of my best friends. He was super friendly, Jazz and Dixie would have loved to play with him! The cat is Griggio, my grandmother's cat. He is huge and really enjoyed warming his belly by the heater.
The cross stitch was started by me when I was in highschool (15 years ago!!!) and recently finished and framed by my grandmother. By the look of it, it was my destiny to own two beagles!!


Boo said...

why don't you start another stitch of jazz & dixie too?

wet wet licks


e said...

Good to hear that you had an awesome time.
Hey, I'm thinking of having a get together at my place on Sun 8th July (if you can make it). I've invited Colleen and her Roxy and I'll order some doggy snacks, cakes from three dog.
Let me know if you can make it or not, we can always change the dates so us three can meet up with our girls.

kisses for the girls
Fei and Eve

Nugget said...

Hi! We are so happy you are back.


Hammer said...

Hi Larissa

We're all very pleased you had such a good time in Oz.

Jasper and Griggio look real nice friends, and they're both very handsome too.

Your cross stitch is beautiful. It's good your grandma framed it so that you can all admire your creativity.

Love from Hammer

The Army of Four said...

Welcome home! Jasper and Griggio look like real sweethearts!
The cross-stitch is lovely! Do Jazz & Dixie have a teddy bear? :)
Tail wags,

Jazz and Dixie said...

Boo - good idea but I think it would take me just as long to finish!!

Fei and Eve - Thanks for the invite. We should be able to make it that day. I will let you know for sure in the next couple of days ok.

Nugget - we are happy to be back!

Hammer - Thanks. It took a long time to get to that point. I was very surprised when I arrived at my grandma's and found that she had dug it out and finished it off.

Stormy - Thanks, it's good to be home. Jazz and Dixie don't have a Teddy bear like that but I still have one from when I was a little girl! It looks quite similar!

Larissa (Jazz and Dixie)