Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lunch at Tora's

Yesterday we went to lunch at a friend's place. Tora (meaning Tiger) is a male Corgi who also goes to the same school as Jazz and Dixie; actually it was Tora's mum who introduced us to Dog Inc. We had a delicious summer lunch as the temperature outside rose to 30 degrees! Tora's mum had also made Jazz, Dixie and Tora a little bowl of chicken, which to use Nugget's words, they inhaled! Dixie was not as well behaved as I had hoped and she peed on the floor in Tora's house four times!! I really don't know what was wrong with her as she never does that at home and has been very good with using the pee sheets! In the afternoon we all took a walk in the park before heading home. Thanks to Tora's mum for a great day.


ToFFee said...

yummy chicken!!!!

I hope my pawrents give me some but they don't like to feed me hooman food. All I get is this boring kibbles!

Maybe because you see many pawends you forget where to pee. do you see the peepee pad?

for me, mummy lays out the peepee pad and make sure I see and circle it before leaving me.. but of course I'm not with doggie pals to divert my attention. That's when they leave me alone sometimes in grandpawrents.


Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, your dinner looks superb. Maybe you were confused being in a different house and not sure where to pee pee.

Oscar x

Peanut said...

Lunch looks like it was very good. I say peeing in the house happened because you were to excited to be somewhere besides home and playing.

Eddie N Peaches said...

Oh My Dog! You got REAL chicken for lunch. Drool, drool. We are so jealous!
Eddie & Peaches

The Army of Four said...

Hi girls! Tora looks like a real cool fella - he sure was nice to invite you over for lunch!
Play bows,

Nugget said...

Yes, Inhaling food is what Beagles to best!

Licks, Nugget