Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday Fleamarket

Every second Sunday in the park there is a fleamarket. It is usually a small market with people from around the area selling toys, books, clothes and other odds an ends. However the weather was great and I guess a lot of people had things to sell so it was quite big this month. One stall that had a swarm of people around it was selling pet stuff, old stock from a pet shop! Well when I finally got near it I managed to pick up a few toys for the girls. Jazz and Dixie like different things to play with and chew. Jazz prefers soft toys with squeakers and white stuffing inside while Dixie prefers something hard such as wooden chew toys. I found the perfect thing for each of them. Jazz was very protective of her new soft squeaky toy while Dixie really sank her teeth into her new chew stick.


umekotyan said...

It is new, and looks happy the bitten toy. :)

from loved ume tyan

The Army of Four said...

Woo. Those look like VERY fun toys! I like the colorful one Jazz has!
I tagged the girls in the Tummy Tag! Please see our blog for de-tails.

Ferndoggle said...

Score! I wish I could find that kind of stuff at our flea markets. I don't have that kind of luck.


The Army of Four said...

Hey - I just thought of something. There weren't fleas at the flea market were there?!? Ha roo roo roo! Oh, I gotta go tell that one to Amber. She'll love it!
Play bows,
PS: Did you get the new, improved code?

Nugget said...

Hi Girls, New toys are the best! Watch out for those white stuffies... they are tasty until they stuffy up your tummy. I know from past experience!

e said...

haha Dixie looks super cute!
I am angry with Eve because she forgot Jazz's bday pressie. Sorry about that. Hopefully it won't be too late but we wish you a very happy barkday, Jazz!!!

Amber said...

Oh Flea Market!!! That's so Fun. Cute toys you got there.

luv Amber!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Jazz & Dixie, your new toys look great. :) Glad you found something in the fleamarket

~ Girl girl

Peanut said...

Oh I would like that chew toy. Mom says she has never seen one like that around here.

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Guys,
Ume - Yes all the toys were new and that chew toy for Dixie the best.

Dave and Zim- we have posted our tummy pics. Mum thought it would be difficult to get a pic but on the very day you tagged us she managed to snap a few pics.
We like the "flea" market joke. Very appropriate for dogs! We will update the new version of the AO4 badge.

Ferndoggle - Yes we were lucky this time! First time mum has seen that stall. We are sending mum back next month!!

Nugget - mum doesn't let me eat that "snow". Everything I break mum sends to the cupboard hospital for mending!

Fei - oh you are such a sweet dog. We thought the present before was for Jazz and Dixie to share. They have both been munching on those yummy treats.

Amber - yes mum sometimes takes us to that fleamarket and its great fun to sniff out a bargain.

GirlGirl - Welcome to our blog. Glad you stopped by. Yes we were so lucky this time to find a pet shop with a stall getting rid of old stock!!

Peanut - Its the first time mum has seen a chew toy like that so she thought she'd try it out for Dixie who just loves to chew things. Its kind of a hession material. Dixie loves it to pieces.