Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jumping Jazz & Dixie

At Dog Field yesterday we set up the jumps for Jazz and Dixie. Jazz has done them previously but is only really motivated to do so by food!! Dixie tried for the first time and did well.


Boo said...

mom tried make me jump over one of those one time but i refuse. knowing i don't take food as bait, there's no way she gonna make me jump over those again!

wet wet licks


Loui (and his mum!) said...

Aw you both look so cute jumping over those jumps!

Who can jump the highest I wonder?

Loui xx

The Army of Four said...

WOW! You girls are SO athletic! And bee-roo-tiful!
Play bows,

Nugget said...

I've never tried this. I like the food incentive part!

Janie said...

Oh that looks like fun! I would probably be scared though.

Janie T.P.

Sparky said...

Fantastic pictures! I love jumping too. :)


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh you gals look like you were flying over the bar..

~ girl girl

umekotyan said...

In jazz, it is good at jump.
It flies terribly, and well. :)

from loved ume tyan

Hui Min said...

the jumps look like fun. i can only do about 6 inches off the floor :p hee hee

how come the dog field was so empty? :)


The Army of Four said...

Hi girls! I answered your "Ask the Ao4" question today - Tuesday! I hope it helps!

Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, what great photos! I'm very impressed!

Thanks for my barkday wishes, I had a GREAT day!

Oscar x

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi guys,
Boo - I guess the food motivation thing is a part of being a beagle! Once we got going we forgot that we were doing silly jumps in order to get snacks!

Loui - Aw thanks! Well I think Dixie can jump highest as she isn't carrying as much weight as me!!

Zim - Thanks buddy. You really know how to make us blush!

Nugget - You should try it sometime Nugget. Its like flying! And yes, you being a beagle would like the food part!

Janie - Thanks for dropping by. I guess you never had a chance in your previous life to do this kinda stuff. Its not scary really and even better if mum entices us with treats!

Sparky - Thanks for checking our blog out. How high can u jump?

Girl Girl - Have you tried jumping? It is just like flying and in some of those pics I look like Dumbo!

Ume - thanks. Do you also like to jump?

Chiyo - yes we didn't jump that high either. That dog run is not so well known and if we go in the morning we usually have it all to ourselves. It is the most fantastic dog run!!

Oscar - Glad you had a good birthday!


Girasol said...

Oh my Goodness! What a wonderful pictures;looks that are flying.