Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's as Easy as A,B,C .....

At school we are doing a unit on pets and seeing as many of the children in my class don't have pets of their own I decided to take Jazz and Dixie to school with me today. Of course it was raining this morning but we finally managed to hail a taxi and head off school. When we arrived I let the girls out in the classroom to have a sniff around before the children arrived. They then waited in the shuttle until everyone had arrived and they could be let out again. Jazz and Dixie were met with mixed reactions from those children who were so excited to see real live dogs in the classroom through to those who were a little on the scared side. We did circle time and sang and danced with Jazz and Dixie then it was time to be introduced and let everyone have a pat of both of the girls. After that Jazz and Dixie delighted the children with their very small repetoire of tricks. Each child who wanted to could command Jazz and Dixie to sit, shake hands, lie down and wait for a little snack. As the children watched their peers more and more children volunteered until every child had had a turn. Being a rainy day we met with two other classes in the big hall in the basemet. It was here that the girls let all of about 30 children walk them around the hall. Parents and teachers all commented how well behaved, patient and calm Jazz and Dixie were and by the end of the morning no one was afraid of them. Jazz has done this kind of thing before so she knew what to expect but it was a first for Dixie. Both girls made me so proud and a lot of pet deprived children so happy.


e said...

what an awesome experience, Larissa!!! Great to hear that the kids had a good time and J & D too.
Shall I bring Fei to work and warm the hearts of those businesspeople?


Speak to you soon,

The Army of Four said...

Oh, WOW! What a great opportunity to teach little bipeds about doggies! I'll bet you girls were GREAT = and did a great job helping your mom! Did you get LOTS of treats!!??
Me and Dave posted us singing yesterday - does that sound like the songs you sang at school?
Play bows,

Sunshade said...

What great girls, you made your mama so proud! I know my mum would be too!!

Get ready for the PAWTY, it's time to misbehave!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Nugget said...

Jazz & Dixie, Great job girls! I wonder how many children went home asking for a beagle puppy.