Friday, April 06, 2007

A Good Dog Day

This morning on our way back from the dog run we met with some doggy friends from the same apartment block as ours. Last week a friend took some photos of Jazz and Dixie in the dog run. She gave us these cute photos today. Thanks.
Being Good Friday I only had a half day and hurried home to take the girls out for a nice long walk. While out I thought I'd email Fei's mum on the off chance that she may be able to meet up with us. Finally we got to meet in person after first meeting through our dogs' blog sites. Well actually it was Jazz and Fei's second meeting because they met at school (Dog Inc.) yesterday! We went to Fei's local park and then to a dog friendly cafe where we ate some yummy cake and chatted over coffee. The girls seemed to get along so we are looking forward to more outings with Fei and Eve. I didn't have my camera with me but if you pop over to Fei'sblog you can see some pics of the girls together.


Girasol said...

Cake at teh café, looks great to me, after a walk? perfect! anf=d you meet new guys are rocking!!

The Army of Four said...

You two are SO beautiful and so well-behaved! A new shopping area is going in by us - maybe they'll have a cafe that allows Siberians! A guy can hope, can't he?
Play bows,

e said...

Hey J& D
The photos are up!
love love

Boo said...

hey jazz & dixie, i read about the meet up in fei's blog. eve sure loves jazz!

wet wet licks


Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Guys,
Girasol - yes yesterday was a "dog's life day". Walk, food and friends - What more could a dog want? Maybe a big sleep on the couch when we got home!

Zim - Thanks for thinking the best of us. Actually mum isn't happy with our behaviour in cafes/restaurants. Well I try to behave well but Dixie can't be still for a minute! Mum always has tiny snacks handy to keep us in place! We have our paws crossed that your new shopping area includes a cafe that will allow you guys to go out for a coffee.

Fei - We checked the photos out. Thanks for posting them so quickly. I hope we have many more occasions to take the girls pictures together.

Boo - thanks for checking us out on Fei's blog. We were so happy to meet Fei and Eve. Actually when they left we wanted to follow and had a bit of a whinge.