Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dog Run Day Part Two

After lunch we set off for the next dog run, Venus Port in Odaiba. We just had to take a photo of the sign pointing the way to the dog run!

This dog run was part of a huge shopping complex. It was long and thin and right beside a main road but Jazz and Dixie had fun meeting new friends and playing with their new toy. The whole first floor of this complex is dog friendly. Jazz and Dixie stopped at the "Dog Bar" for a nice cool drink of water! We had a fun city dog run day.


e said...

Hey J& D! It's great that Shin goes to dogruns and checks out new dog friendly places. Caz thinks I'm too indulgent and it used to be such an ordeal getting him to come out to my doggy friends gatherings in Singapore. Can you believe that Caz almost said no to Fei because he's always had dogs on big properties and thought that it was close to abuse to keep a dog of Fei's size in a tiny tokyo apartment!
I've been thinking about what you said. Maybe I should change my job afterall. I'll talk to you about it when we meet.
Eve *and Fei

Boo said...

i wonder what's that dog bar!

wet wet licks


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

That's great! So much dog stuff to do in Tokyo!

Bussie Kissies

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Guys,
Fei - Sometimes Shin needs a bit of encouraging but yes he is great with the girls. He thinks I'm obsessed which I guess is true!
Yes Tokyo apartments are small! That's why I am so glad I live near the park, I don't think I could stay sane otherwise! Really looking forward to meeting you and your mum.
Boo - Unfortunately it was just water! But anyway it was nice and cold.
Buster - Yep there is lots to do with dogs in Tokyo. More and more places are becoming dog friendly especially around the area we live. However we like it most when we do trips into the countryside and out of Tokyo.
Jazz and Dixie

Nugget said...

Dog Bar! You guys are living the good life in Japan. Mum wants to see Doggy cafes open up in the USA... or at least in Seattle. Dogs Rule!!
Peanut buttery licks,