Friday, March 16, 2007

Dixie's Moment of Fame

Dixie is a star! Well not really - but she did appear in a local free dog magazine in an article about her school, Dog Inc. Jazz too has appeared in a few magazines and on a TV segment. Can you spot Dixie?
Dixie is also on this month's topic page of her school which can be seen by clicking on the Dog Inc. link on the right.


The Army of Four said...

How COOL! Dixie - can I have your paw-tograph? :) Do you get paid for modeling for their magazine? You're so beautiful (you girls BOTH are!) it's no wonder they want to show you off!
Play bows,
PS: Today's post on our blog is for you!

e said...

yay!!!! I know famous doggies!!!

love love

Fu Fu said...

Dixie, you're on a magazine. Kewl you're famous now. You're in the pic with a black doggie and you're on the sofa again right?

~ fufu

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Guys
Zim - Yes Dixie now joins her famous sister (in her mind) in the magazine world. No neither Jazz nor Dixie have been paid. Someone said we should take them for auditions but they are not that well behaved and its a lot of sitting around and waiting which neither of them are good at. Anyway its fun to see them in print. Working on the pawtographs!
Fei - well we think we are!
Fufu - Dixie is in the first mag pic for Dog Inc and the other two are her big sister Jazz.
Jazz and Dixie