Monday, January 01, 2007

A Visit to the Shrine and New Years Postcards

Just got back from a walk to the local shrine. The line of people waiting to stand before the shrine, clap twice and pray to bring in the new year was much longer than we expected. As we beagles are not very good at waiting we decided that maybe we would come back again tomorrow. We continued our walk to the local supermarket to pick up ingredients for dinner and then back home along the treelined walkway. Waiting in the letterbox were New Years Postcards (Nengajo) for all. Jazz and Dixie received four of their own. Thank you.


Eve said...

Oh New Year cards are fun! I like looking at the personalised, photo types.
Happy New Year to You Jazz, Dixie !
Hope to see you guys at the dog park sometime.
Fei & E

Girasol said...

I' agree with you guys; sometimes I hate to wait!!
happy new year both of you!!!