Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Family Portrait

Another one of the photos taken by the professional photographer. There was no escaping for Jazz or Dixie so this photo turned out quite well. Off the the photo shop tomorrow to have it printed up so we can put it in a frame!


Girasol said...

hey guys, you look pretty good!

Boo said...

hey jazz & dixie,

when i look at this photo, i was about to ask "you two should have your own pawtrait"! then i saw the post below...

just gorgeous!

wet wet licks


fee said...

dear jazz and dixie,

that is a pretty family portrait! i went to the studio once too, to have my pictures taken with my wire fox terrier parents and it was so fun with us being naughty and trying to run off the set. we ended up only with a few where everyone was sitting still and looking into the camera.

are there more pictures taken at the studio?


e said...

wow We want a family portrait too.
Fei & E

Jazz and Dixie said...

The photographer took 60 photos as we were moving all over the place and playing with all the New Year's decorations! Initially we were just going to buy a pawtrait of Jazz and Dixie. Then after we couldn't get them to sit together nicely we decided to have one each of individual portraits. Then we got to see all the photos and it was just too difficult for mummy and daddy to choose just two photos so they ended up buying the data on CD and therefore got all 60 photos!!!

Cubby said...

Very nice picture! You are gorgeous!