Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beating the Heat!

Wow 2 months have passed since I last blog and little Rena is 6 months this week! Where does the time go? Its been very hot here in Japan these past weeks. I wanted to go swimming with Rena but there are many places that don't allow babies unless you join a class that has oh so many rules and turns out to be quite expensive. Anyway we have been splashing about in the back yard in a small paddling pool that I bought for Jazz and Dixie a few years ago. This weekend Shin bought us a new much bigger pool that can fit us all in, including Jazz and Dixie. Now some of you may know that Jazz and Dixie are not really fond of the water, especially Dixie. It was so hot outside that we thought the girls should also benefit from the cool of the pool so we put them in as well. Both stayed a short time before jumping out and rolling around on the grass. Jazz waded around in the tummy high water but Dixie didn't move around much. Maybe after a few more times they may get used to the water??