Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Very Own Backyard

Jazz and Dixie have never had the luxary of their own backyard as up until now we have lived in apartments here in Tokyo but our recent move has changed all that. We have a back yard!!! At home in Australia its not unusual to have one but we have been extremely lucky to find a place here with such a big back yard. The grass needs to be replaced, which I intend to do in the spring but it is a nice open space for Jazz and Dixie to run around in. Usually when we come back from our morning walk we spend some time out there playing around. As you can see in the video here Jazz loves to play cat and mouse with Dixie. If Dixie didn't stop and let Jazz catch her there would be no way that Jazz could get her! There are also several spots now for Jazz to lie in the sun in the garden, on the balcony and by the sliding doors in all the rooms facing onto the backyard. Dixie is still too busy exploring and catching grasshoppers to crunch!! to take the time out to lie in the sun.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are Back!!

WOW its been such a long time since I blogged I almost forgot my password and how to blog!! In that time away we moved to our new place which is fantastic as it big and has a huge back garden by Japan standards. Coming from a small one bedroom apartment to this house is taking us some time to get used to! We've been here about three weeks now and finally Dixie is starting to settle down and realise this is her new home. She was very nervous at first and was always on high alert but now we are starting to see some of the old Dixie. It was a much easier move for easy going Jazz who now has so many places to lie in the autumn sun that she is in paradise. About 10 minutes from our new place by car there is a forest park that is quite large and that has a great grassed picnic area. The weather on Sunday was wonderful so we made sandwiches and took them and the girls to the park. We are really enjoyiing these warm autumn days before the cold winter sets in. I still have stuff to unpack but think that can wait as I really want to be outside in the garden or out and about with the girls.